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Почему Adventure?

Свобода и стиль отдыха, качество и легкость конструкции, надежность и ...


Adventure: эталон качества надувных лодок

Рыбаки и любители отдыха на воде используют два типа плавсредств: неизменяемой ...


Почему надувная лодка?

Когда мы говорим об отдыхе на природе, наиболее привлекательным местом ...


Лодка должна быть своя

Прежде всего определим самые важные составляющие именно с точки зрения будущего ...


Как выбрать лодочный мотор

Отдых на воде, как и водный туризм, далеко не у всех ассоциируется с "шепотом ...

Association of motorboat industry has carried out a number of studies during which the experts have found out the following: currently almost all boats importers face a series of problems at their work. Troubles appear mainly because of a wrong choice of a supplier.

You will agree that a task of all entrepreneurs is to make a maximum profit and avoid next problems:

• non-delivery or incomplete delivery of goods = unnecessary problems and headache;
• receipt of low-quality/ spoiled goods = loss of money and customers;
• supplier default = reduction of income;
• long-lasting manufacturing of goods = money freeze;
• long-lasting and expensive delivery = waste of time and fall in profits;
• break of agreement on the subject of exclusive representation = loss of investment of capital in advertising and marketing;
• and so on …

Association of motorboat industry recommends you to choose your partner thoroughly and collaborate only with experts!

ADVENTURE LTD. has been manufacturing inflatable boats since 1989 and is one of a leader on the inflatable boats market. Our premium quality boats at reasonable prices are exported in Netherlands, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Singapore and a lot of others!

Development and use of our own PVC welding technology is a special feature of ADVENTURE LTD. It allows us to manufacture boats of consistent high quality. At production our company uses only materials of high quality from German manufacturers Mehler Texnologies, Heytex.

Thanks to welding technology, professional manufacturing and high-quality materials our boats are used all over the world, from Iceland to Saudi Arabia, by amateurs and professionals.

Your benefits from collaboration with ADVENTURE LTD.:

1) you obtain high incomes at the cost of effective work with us;
2) you get quick delivery at affordable price;
3) you have 100% guarantee of receipt of quality products;
4) you receive a wanted product which meets a ready market;
5) you make more profit from turnover - you don’t tie up money for a long time;
6) you obtain experienced partner with a good reputation and you feel safely and with confidence;
7) you get individual approach – your personal manager works with you.

We offer you to become an exclusive distributor or dealer of ADVENTURE LTD. in your region.
Take an advantage of a favorable offer before your competitors will use it!

Send an enquiry to adventure_boat@ukr.net and you will get commercial offer with prices.

New prices are available with maximum of discount for all new partners!

It is easy, simple and fair to work with us !!!

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+38 (050) 907-45-45
+38 (050) 355-28-88
+38 (044) 228-33-97

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Заказать лодку или лодочный мотор на нашем сайте очень просто, Вам нужно выбрать товар и добавить его в корзину, нажав кнопку «Заказать».

При добавлении товара в корзину он появится в верхней части экрана, в ячейке Вашей корзины, где отображается информация о количестве товаров и общей сумме заказа на данный момент. После того, как Вы добавите все необходимые товары к себе в корзину, Вам нужно нажать кнопку "Оформить заказ". На странице оформления заказа Вам необходимо ввести свои контактные данные и адрес доставки. Мы свяжемся с Вами, как только получим от Вас заказ.